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RV Antenna, TV and the Picture Frame Miracle

The picture frame RV antenna was showcased on NBC's "Today Show"

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Finding High Definition With an RV Antenna

I knew there must be a way for me to get high quality HD picture on my RV television but I just didn't know where. I went on the Internet and searched for anything I could think of, recreational vehicle HDTV antenna, HDTV on recreational vehicle and HD antenna for RV. Even tried camper HDTV antennas, camper antennas and TV antenna for campers. Nothing worked until I searched for HDTV RV Antenna.

At last, I found what I needed to make my dreams come true, an HDTV antenna that would make my television the best in high definition. This wonderful website I found was such a joy to find finally! All my answers were right here! This antenna we purchased had unbelievable reception and clear pictures, clearer than what you get with a digital cable company!

The Picture Frame RV Antenna Miracle

The only thing that I was concerned about was I didn't want some huge, crazy looking antenna on the top of my beautiful paradise on wheels. Again, this website shot me in the direction of a picture frame antenna. That's right, it blew me away when I first started reading about it. It looks just like a picture frame and you hang it on the wall INSIDE your RV!!!

The next thing I knew, I bought it. I knew that it was something I had to try. In about a week, we had our high definition TV RV antenna picture frame and it was hanging on our wall.

The Best Trip I EVER Had

We just got back from an amazing trip to Niagara Falls. My wife and I felt like we were on our second honeymoon. It took us 15 hours to get there and it felt like we only drove for 5. Thanks to this little antenna and Green Smoke.

our beautiful HDTV which now has reception no matter where we drove AND a picture quality that you would never believe. I cannot express to you how happy my wife and I are about this investment. We thank Jeff!!

UPDATE 5/3/11

Some of our friends have recently purchased this TV antenna frame at "so-called" discount sites online. PLEASE be very careful for "refurbished' or "returned" that you may be buying. Me and the wife highly recommend purchasing from the actual manufacture to get the ORIGINAL with customer support also. They were very helpful with us!

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